Drying fresh pasta

by Sonjia
(New Bloomfield, MO USA)

Hi Matt,

What's the best way to dry fresh pasta and what would be the shelf life?

Or should I store it in the fridge after it's dried?



Hey Sonjia,

Once you've made your fresh pasta shapes, the truth is they shouldn't need too much drying. I just usually leave them on a floured plate or work surface for 5 minutes or so.

That said, there are drying racks available, which are specifically designed to do this job. They hang the long pasta shapes so that they get aired better, so you could try one of these too. This Norpro drying rack for instance is very popular with Amazon's customers.

Once dried, so that your pasta shapes don't stick together, store them in a Tupperware (plastic) container in the fridge. My wife uses up to 3 days as her main guideline (tho' in truth I always eat our fresh pasta pretty much straight away, as I'm just greedy like that!).

Hope that's useful,


PS: On the subject of fresh pasta Sonjia, you might find my new pasta cookbook of interest, as this comes with printable versions of my fresh pasta making guides and exclusive downloadable videos of the same.

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