Do you know where to find pinci or pici pasta?

Hi Matt - it's from the Tuscany region, about the size of a pencil and not hollow.

I can't find it and wondered if it goes by a different name?


Hi there - You're right, 'pici' (pee-chee) is like bucatini (effectively thick spaghetti), only without the hole running through the middle.

It hails from Montalcino in Tuscany, where it's also known as 'pinci' as you mentioned.

You can buy it here on Amazon US.

Let us know what you cook with it, okay!



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Jan 14, 2011
A pici-related Tuscan recipe question
by: Helen

Hi Matt,

On this same subject roughly... while in San Gimignano (Tuscany) this fall I enjoyed a wonderful pasta dish of pici pasta with a sauce of bacon, onion & chianti.

Can you recommend a pasta & do you have a recipe for a sauce like the one I described?

Much thanks in advance!


Hi Helen and thanks for chipping in.

The closest recipe I know of (that I've learned at least) is amatriciana. This moreish dish features bacon chunks and onion and can be made by popping in some wine to evaporate during the frying stage.

Try this
May 02, 2011
Pici in white sauce...
by: Stephen

While in Toscana we had a pici in white sauce with sausage and have been looking for the recipes since and no luck. Any clue where to find it?

Response: Hi Stephen,

Whilst I don't have a full written recipe to hand, I talked to my mamma-in-law Marisa and she reckons you empty out the meat from a sausage or two, crumble and fry it 'til nicely browned.

Then combine some cream, a little white wine and cheese, then stir in the sausage. Serve up with your pici pasta and it should be pretty tasty.

Please let us know how you get on!


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