Do you have a great vegetable lasagne recipe?

by Paula

I love lasagne, but have only every made minced beef lasagne.

When eating out I often choose a vegetable lasagne but I have not been brave enough to attempt one myself (the same goes for spinach and ricotta cannelloni)

What vegetables are best? Should they be pre-cooked in the sauce and should any be avoided (cabbage I guess)?

I would love to make something different and authentic if possible.


Hi Paula.

Good question. I can think of 2 different vegetable lasagne which you might like...

The first is an eggplant (aubergine) lasagna. With this one the eggplant strips are fried, then popped in the lasagna's layers along with tomato sauce and cheese (basically, where the minced beef would normally sit). It's really scrummy... particularly if it's had time to stand and cool a little (I prefer it warmed up the day after!). Find this recipe here.

The second is a face-widening blue cheese and spinach lasagna. Although if you're on a diet, I would maybe steer clear of this one... calorie-free it ain't! It's here.

Also, if you have a 2 or 3 hours free (which sounds a bit much, I appreciate that), try making a lasagna-style but pasta-free eggplant parmegiana. Trust me, this is as good as Italian food gets. Just delicious - it's here.

In general then, I'd say yes - cook or mostly cook your inner ingredients before the final 20-minute lasagna cooking stage.

Hope that's helpful!


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