Do different pasta shapes taste different?

by Nahid

Hi - I want to know if different shapes of pasta have different tastes?

(I mean the pasta itself not with the sauce.)

For example, is the taste of farfalle different to trottole or other shapes?

Thank you for your time.

Response: Hi Nahid and thanks for the question.

The direct answer is no - providing two pasta shapes have been made using the exact same dough mixture, they will taste exactly the same.

However, it is true that some pasta shapes are traditionally made using different dough recipes -- therefore this obviously makes a different to their taste.

For example, lasagna sheets are most often made from egg pasta.

By contrast, some pasta shapes such as tagliatelle-style scialatielli are instead made from just durum wheat semolina and water (no eggs at all).

Hope that's clear and helps!


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