Difficulty using Imperia 150 Spaghetti Attachment

by Glen
(Near Wales)

I bought the Imperia spaghetti attachment from Amazon a few years ago and have had no success with it.

I flatten the dough to the machine's penultimate measurement and have left the strips to dry for various periods (30 - 60 minutes) before attempting to pass them through the cutter.

The rollers cannot take the strips through and I have resorted to using the linguine attachment which came with the machine (with no problems whatsoever).

I've tried passing a sheet of paper through the spaghetti cutter but, although the rollers will grip the paper and take it through, the resulting strands need to be pulled apart.

Is there a fault with the spaghetti attachment or am I doing something wrong? As stated, I've had no problems with the attachment that came with the Imperia 150.




Hi Glen, sorry to hear you've been struggling on your spaghetti quest.

It certainly doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. There's not much you really could be doing wrong!

My first thought would have been that your dough was very moist, but if you've tried letting it dry a little then it can't be that.

When you say, "the rollers cannot take the strips through", what exactly do you mean? The pasta just won't get pulled inside the cutters? I'm guessing that's what you mean.

Whilst I don't have a specific solution for you (sorry), I may forward this Q&A to my contact at Imperia to get their thoughts. Certainly my experience is that the larger/wider/thicker the pasta shapes, the better they tend to come out. So whilst I don't have the spaghetti attachment myself, I'm not amazed that it's one of the harder attachments to get working perfectly.

More soon as and when I hear anything from Imperia on this. Hopefully they can respond and help ease your woes, maybe helping some other Googles who find this page on the way...

Best regards,


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