Different sizes of bucatini

by Cork Marcheschi
(San Francisco, US)

I am looking for the different sizes that bucatini come in. I want to make a timbale but can't find the correct size bucatini?

The very small and large are available, but my local deli has stopped carrying the 1/4" diameter (I think that is a number 5?).

Do you have a pasta chart with the sizes and corresponding numbers?

Thanks Matt,

Cork M.


Hi Cork,

Well bucatini (which, for those who don't know, is effectively hollow spaghetti), is a great choice, as is timbale (a round baked pasta dish - see here).

However I do not have - nor could I find - such a specific chart. I believe such sizing numbers are used specifically by Barilla - the world's biggest packet pasta producer... but such charts don't even exist on their website (yes I checked... I'm that much of a curious pasta geek).

To be honest Cork, I wouldn't worry too much... I've never known an Italian cook who was concerned with such specifics, so I would advise you not to sweat it and just get cooking :-)

For your reference, Amazon has a good starter selection of packet bucatini on this page.

And if you want another great 'ring-shaped' recipe to try out, I highly recommend my mamma-in-law's baked tagliatelle alternative. Here it is: Marisa's 'In The Ring' baked pasta recipe.

Buon appetito!


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