Difference between bucatini and rigate penne pasta?

by Ab B. Normal
(Belcourt, North Dakota)

What is the difference between bucatini pasta and rigate penne pasta?

I have about 5 pounds of penne and want to use it instead of bucatini.

Is there a noticeable difference, other than size, in taste?


Abby Normal.


Hi Abby,

Obviously, as it seems you know, the shapes are certainly different - bucatini is effectively a hollow kind of spaghetti, while penne are small short tubes of pasta.

The shape of a pasta however actually has no effect on its taste whatsoever.

What does make a different to the taste of pasta is the ingredients it is made from. In other words...

* Egg or egg-free pasta dough?

* The type of flour (wholemeal, durum wheat, plain etc.)

* Is it dough flavored with an additional ingredient? (Tomato paste maybe, or green spinach?)

These differences are what makes the taste difference.

In addition however, it is true to say that pasta shapes (i.e. long or short) do tend to suit different types of sauce. Usually oily seafood sauces are combined with long pasta for example, while chunky tomato and meat sauces work great with short pasta which can better catch their lumps and bumps! (Note - spaghetti bolognese is the exception to this rule.)

Such pasta and sauce pairings are explored further on my Pasta Tips page.

I hope that helps answer your question. Feel free to add another query/comment below!

Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

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