Diabetic-friendly pasta

by Kim
(Arizona, USA)

There is a Quinoa brand of pasta, made from corn flour and quinoa flour. Tastes great, but a bit pricey.

I have been experimenting making my own blend of flours to capitalize on the lower glycemic index of corn and quinoa flours. However I still need to use 50% white or gluten flours as these other flours really make a tough and dry dough ball.

Do you have any thoughts on alternative flours? Also, have you ever successfully used any egg replacer products for vegan fans?


Kim Coyle in Arizona.

Response: Hmmm... I'm afraid I'm no diabetic cooking expert.

I've not used any egg replacent products for vegans, but I usually just drive them across to this vegan pasta recipe. (It's actually a very typical type of Italian pasta dough that just happens to not use eggs.)

I certainly know what you mean about still having to use white flours to keep the dough supple. It's exactly the same deal with this whole wheat pasta recipe, much to my chagrin as I'd love it to be completely whole grain.

My suggestions, considering I don't have any really useful feedback, is to point you to the Diabetes Daily Forum - if you can't search out a fresh pasta recipe you can probably at least ask to get some carefully considered advice. (They also talk about Dreamfields pasta as being another possible option - see this thread.)

I hope that's at least a little help. Sorry I don't know more (but if you want to let me know what you find out, I'd sure appreciate it, as I'm sure this question will come up again in future!).



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