Defrosting time for lasagna

by Ellen

I've already cooked and frozen 18 lasagnas for my wedding. Someone will be able to heat them all up for the dinner following the ceremony. What's the best way for us to do this?

My idea is that we should let them defrost to room temperature and then heat them in the oven. (If we do this, at what temperature should we reheat them?)

Or should we let them defrost but stay chilled before we reheat them? (Timing for this? Oven temperature?)

Most important, how much time should we allow for them to defrost?

Please help me! Thank you.

Answer: Hi Ellen,

I agree about defrosting them at room temperature. Just put them on a work surface, maybe just lightly covered with kitchen paper.

In my experience this defrosting takes roughly half a day (but if you leave them out for longer that will work fine).

In terms of reheating them (I hope you have lots of ovens...?), it's pretty much the same as their typical cooking time, which is approx. 20 minutes or thereabouts, at 180C or 350-fahrenheit.

Hope that answers all your questions! If in doubt or nervous, give them as much defrosting time as possible.

Have a great day, congratulations and buon appetito!


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