Cucina Bravo Italian restaurant, Florida, USA

by Sunny Drohan
(Bonita Springs, FL)

This restaurant is part of the Brio's chain and is located here in Naples, Florida.

The eggplant parmesan was outstanding. It wasn't greasy or over done and it melted in your mouth. I never make this dish as it is a very hard recipe to get right as eggplant can get oily if not cooked just right. And this restaurant does it perfectly.

We went just before Xmas, 2009.

I also had their minestrone which was just divine; loaded with tasty vegetables, which weren't mushy. Extremely flavorful.

Mindful that this is not an overly expensive place. It isn't cheap but it doesn't send you off to the bank to get a mortgage!

The decor is lovely and the service is top notch.

Cucina Bravo
9110 Strada Place
Building #6 Suite 6145, Naples, FL 34108
Tel: (239) 514-0042

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