Cooking pasta ahead of time

I know pasta is better when cooked right before serving, but I'm having 8 guests for dinner and chose to prepare Italian Sausage Ragu with Penne Pasta. The meat sauce is ladled on the pasta.

Could I either cook the pasta ahead (how do you recommend?) or could I put the pasta in a large pasta bowl with the sauce on top (or blended in) and keep it warm in the oven for 30 min?

Thanks for your advice Matt!


Hi there!

Both my wife Laura and I recommend the second option.

So... just cook the pasta normally, drain, cover or mix with the sauce and keep it all warm in the oven, but on a low heat - maximum 200 Fahrenheit (100C).

Having said that, I would still suggest trying to cook the pasta on demand, at the time, if you possibly can. This way it has no chance at all of drying out.

(I would imagine you can cook your pasta for 8 people using 2 normal sized pasta pans, as per its packet's instructions. This should only take 10 minutes or so.)

Whichever route you go however, enjoy and buon appetito!


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