What To Do With Leftover Pasta Noodles

cooking leftovers leftover noodles

Have you made too much pasta? This cooking leftovers page is designed to help.

So let's your turn your surplus pasta portions into a quick and filling meal, Italian style!

My Italian wife Laura and her kitchen-genius mamma are constantly impressing me with how many dishes they can whip up from next to nothing.

Here's what they do with leftover pasta portions...

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Let’s say you made tagliatelle with a nice tomato sauce but you have leftover noodles... it’s easy to turn this little lot into a nutritious plate or sandwich-full.

All you need is: eggs (one large egg per 100g/3.5oz portion of leftover pasta), a little grated parmesan, salt and olive oil.

Here’s how:

cooking leftovers- Crack the egg(s) into a mixing bowl

- Add enough salt to lightly cover each yolk

- Add a tablespoon or two of grated parmesan cheese

- Whisk using a fork

- Drop in the pasta and mix thoroughly (coating the pasta in the egg mixture)

- Coat the base of a frying pan (sized to just hold the amount of pasta you have) and heat on a hob until hot (if you drop in a piece of pasta it should sizzle nicely).

cooking leftovers- With the hob down to medium, pack in the pasta and fry for roughly 5 or 6 mins.

- Now to turn it, place a large plate over the pan and carefully ‘flip’ it to upturn the frittata onto the plate. Then slide the frittata back into the pan and cook the other side.

- Serve sliced on a plate or pop it in a panino (sandwich).

Voila – frittata di maccheroni (pasta omelette)!

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Quick recommendation: since you are likely a fan of all things Italian, you must check out Italians R Us! This wonderful site features articles on Italian culture, folklore, cooking, Italian names, news and more. It even offers a ‘Molto Italiano' newsletter. Benissimo!

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