Cook fresh pasta to make cannelloni? And how to make ziti?

by Ian Price
(Chester, UK)

Hi Matt,

First off - great website!

I have two quick questions - I have recently started making my own fresh pasta, mostly ravioli so far.

However, if I were to use it for stuffed (and then oven baked) cannelloni recipes, would I need to part cook it before stuffing it?

The second question - have you any tips on making ziti pasta by hand? It looks quite fiddly and I thought I'd ask when I was asking the other question.




Hey Ian - glad you like the site so much. Thanks for that.

Re: making cannelloni with fresh pasta, yes I would cook the pasta until al dente (nice and firm) first, in boiling well-salted as usual.

The same in fact as I recommend for people making lasagna with fresh pasta.

Then just fill the tubes (they won't collapse in on themselves if the pasta has been cooked!) and bake as you planned. Easy!

As for ziti (which, dear reader, is a type of thin tube pasta - like a mini hose), honestly I do not know how to make this by hand. I could guesstimate it, but I'm pretty sure it would be hellish, long and boring work for little reward.

The type of machines that can help with making such shapes are extruders, like this Regina pasta extruder machine by Marcato. Hopefully one day I'll get to review this machine in full.

I don't think this machine can necessarily extrude ziti, but certainly bucatini is on its list of possible pasta shapes, so you could that and then chop those shapes to get pretty close.

Hope that helps! Let me know how you get on with those cannelloni (which filling are you going for?).


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