Colour of fresh pasta is wrong!

by marie

Hi, I am hoping to make some homemade pasta for a farmers market, and am experimenting at the moment with a few batches.

It tastes great, but I think the next day it doesn't look so appetizing - as in it almost has a greeny hue. It is certainly darker than it was the first day.

I use our own free range eggs and Doves Farm organic white bread flour.

I would really appreciate any advice you might have about what I am doing wrong!



Thoughts: Hi Marie, this is indeed very bizarre and I've honestly never heard of fresh pasta turning green before!

Certainly fresh pasta often darkens a little after it has dried out. Which isn't a problem at all.

I take it you are only using eggs, flour and a little salt? Have you identified anything you did differently the times it turned green?

The green hue certainly worries me, but a little normal darkening does not.

What you could do is to go a different fresh pasta route - for example, you could try making wholemeal pasta instead (and this should fit in well with the market's earthy and healthy ethos. I also suspect/hope that this version won't turn green!)

Try this whole wheat pasta recipe. I just added this page recently and this version really is delicious.

Please let me know how you get on by adding another comment below here... this is a mystery that needs solving!

Matt :-)

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Green fresh Pasta
by: Ken

I just made homemade pasta with only flour, eggs, and salt. I left it to rest, and a day or so later, as I was going to process it, it was an unwholesome green through out, with the exception of the very middle of the ball (it was yellowish). I looked up fresh pasta that turns green from others and no one knows why. I suppose after a 1/2 to 1 hour rest, one must process the dough to either freeze it or dry it.....I would still like to know why it does that. Not eough time for it to mold.

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