Cold pasta salad recipes

asparagus pasta salad recipe

These cold pasta salad recipes are just the ticket for warm days when a full pasta meal is too heavy but you still want something that fills you up more than a mere bowl full of leaves.

What’s also great about some of these recipes – such as the asparagus salad below – is that because they pre-cook their ingredients this effectively gives you 2 recipes for the price of 1!

The choice is yours… treat ‘em like real cold pasta salad recipes by waiting for the pasta and cooked ingredients to cool before serving, or cheat and serve everything hot for a heartier, non-salady dish.

Great for parties: pasta salad is also a great choice if you have a bunch of people coming over. Just double, triple or quadruple the ingredients and serve it all up in a whopping great serving bowl. Zero presentation skills required and everyone will love this casual ‘help yourself’ approach.

Mangiamo (let’s eat!)

Summer pasta saladSummer pasta salad recipe

The only pre-cooking here is your pasta shapes. Stick ‘em in boiling water, chop up this dish’s delectably juicy ingredients – cherry toms, buffalo mozzarella, a bit of fresh basil – then stir the lot together and you’re done. Just make sure you've a cloth to wipe your chin!

easy asparagus pasta salad recipe 'Get Fresh' asparagus pasta salad recipe

This crunchy bowl-filler benefits from super fresh ingredients so it’s a good excuse to hit your local farmers’ market. Green and nutritious, it twins crisp asparagus chunks with velvety mushrooms, before adding more color with chopped sun-dried toms. A winning combo.

vegetable pasta salad recipe ‘Easy hour’ vegetable pasta salad

Always popular with this site's visitors, this mixed veg feast takes an hour start to finish (most of which is just in the oven) to give you an almost ridiculously nutritious bowl of molten veggies, with the short pasta adding a little more firmness to the tooth. A real vitamin-packed no-brainer.

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