Simple Chicken Pasta Dishes

The truth is you don’t find that many chicken pasta dishes in authentic Italian cooking, as natives are more likely to eat a pasta dish followed by a main course such as chicken, seafood etc.

However… there are select dishes that are 'allowed' once you dig a little deeper, such as scrummy chicken, beef and mortadella cannelloni.

In addition to that tubular delight then, many of the chicken pasta recipes here have been kindly submitted by this site’s pastaholic readers (via this page). This means that while they might not be traditionally Italian, you can rest assured they’re truly tasty!

Let's cook...

Beef n' chicken cannelloni recipe

chicken cannelloni recipe Direct from my mamma-in-law’s Italian chicken, this is the most filling pasta tube recipe on this site. Named ‘cannelloni al forno’ (cannelloni in the oven), it packs ground chicken, minced beef andmortadella ham inside its tubes. Fry this up with tomato, smother in béchamel and enjoy.

Baked chicken/turkey tagliatelle recipe

chicken pasta recipeThis tummy-filling chicken pasta dish was given to me by Carole Mazzella - an American living in Rapallo, Italy - and is perfect for using up leftover bird meat (leftover roast chicken for example, or turkey meat from Christmas or thanksgiving). Stir the sauce, fry the mushrooms then just mix, bake and munch. Hearty stuff.

Italian meatball soup

Also referred to as ‘Italian wedding soup’, this is another reader recipe, featuring all sorts of scrummy stuff – meatballs, obviously, chicken, and various types of veg. Note: It takes a bit of time to prep this one, so I suggest you make a big ole' batch and freeze lots for future feeds.

Look out for more chicken pasta recipes arriving here soon...

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