Cheesy problem with bechamel sauce


When I add grated 'parmigiano reggiano' (parmesan cheese) to the milk/flour mix of my bechamel sauce, it won't dissolve. It simply remains grated inside the mix.

How do I get it to blend smoothly?

Response: Hmmm... this is a strange one and not a problem I've encountered before.

Firstly, I'm assuming you read the recipe fully and have the mixture on a medium heat hob and warmed through (to help the cheese to melt)?

Sorry, but I had to ask as it is sometimes easy to miss an important basic point when reading recipes online!

Assuming you've got everything on the heat, I suspect then that this niggle is down to a grater issue. You may simply have a cheese grater that produces relatively large shreds of cheese. (Mine is a very fine grater and I've never had this issue, so this seems like a possibility.)

So if you can, try grating the cheese with a finer grater. Otherwise, you have me a little stumped!

Let me know how you get on if you like, by dropping a comment below.


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