Casa Di Copani Italian restaurant, Syracuse, NY, USA

by Sue Spire
(Central NY State)

Syracuse and its surrounding areas have a wonderful Italian heritage and many great restaurants because of that heritage.

It was difficult to pick just one Italian restaurant, however I'm definite that my favorite is "Copani's".

I've been there three times in the past 2 years and the quality of the food never changes. You start off with a side salad to die for. It is elegant and full of wonderful fresh vegetables, croutons and the favorite salad dressing that most Syracusans ask for, Italian with crumbly blue cheese. With the salad comes homemade Italian bread... yum!

We never get appetizers because the salad is so large that anything else between that and the main course would fill you up.

The last main course I had was lobster ravoli with a pumpkin roulade. It was absolutely delicious.

For dessert I always get their creme broulée. It's by far the best I've ever had. My husband likes their tiramisu and I agree with him that's it's again the best in town.

Casa Di Copani's waiters are extremely attentive and make you feel like you are their main reason for being there.

So... if you want great Italian food, come to Syracuse and try Casa Di Copani.

Casa Di Copani
3414 Burnet Ave
NY 13203
Tel: 315-463-1031

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