Top tube cannelloni recipes

Stuffing and serving chunky tubes of pasta is all kinds of fun, as these easy cannelloni recipes prove.

Most pasta-lovers will already have tried the Italian staple of spinach and ricotta cannelloni. This page gets you started with that dish, then ups the creativity to pack in beefy bolognese, chicken and more.

And the best thing about these recipes? They’re super kid-friendly. Once the filling has cooled, get your little helpers busy by having them fill the tubes!

easy spinach cannelloni recipe

Ricotta and spinach cannelloni

This dish is an real Italian restaurant favorite and surprisingly easy to make at home. Not only it is it scrummy, but it also teaches you how to make béchamel sauce, which is useful for numerous other baked pasta recipes.

Bolognese cannelloni recipe beef cannelloni recipe

Meat eaters head this way! This simple dish packs its pasta tubes full of beef n’ basil, then swaps the ricotta above for pizza-style mozzarella cheese and a sumptuous tomato sauce. Great for winter, this tummy-warming treat is full of flavor.

Beef, mortadella & chicken cannelloni easy chicken cannelloni recipe

This triple-whammy recipe packs ground minced chicken, beef and mortadella ham into its sumptuous tubes. Then smothered over the top comes creamy bechamel sauce. This simple-to-prep dish is easily a strong contender for the most filling cannelloni around.

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