Can I re-freeze pasta dough for ravioli?

by Maddie

Hi Matt,

I'm making ravioli for a work event.

I made the pasta dough today (Tuesday) and put it into the freezer. I'm going to make and fill the raviolis on Friday because I'll only have time then.

So can I freeze the raviolis even when the pasta dough has been already frozen and thawed once?

So... make the dough ball, freeze it, thaw out, roll, cut and fill for raviolis-> then re freeze? Would this be ok? The raviolis will be cooked on Sunday for lunch.

Thank you very much.



Hi there - I'm hope I'm not too late in answering.

The answer is no. You shouldn't refreeze anything really.

Your best bet, always, is to make the whole ravioli and then freeze them.

And here's a tip: unless they are large ravioli, you can cook them straight from frozen when the time comes. (They'll just take a minute or two longer than from fresh.) And this way you don't get guey ravioli sticking together as they thaw.


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