California Pizza Kitchen (locations all over), USA

by Imelda
(Glendale, CA, USA)

I live in the Los Angeles area, where CPK has locations in many cities: Glendale, Arcadia, Burbank, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Hungtington Beach, Thousand Oaks, Sherman Oaks, and many other locations in L.A.

Anyway, I like California Pizza Kitchen because they add a twist to Italian food. They have ethnic pizzas - like Thai or Mexican pizza - that are to die for. Their original pizza is Chicken BBQ... so delicious after all these years.

The also have great pastas. My favorite is Chicken Tequila Fettuccini, flavored with cilantro and lime.

My favorite desert is their Key Lime pie, which comes with a tiny lime wedge and whipped cream on top.

They seem to add a new pizza every so often, the menu keeps on growing, making it difficult to choose.


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