Best Pasta Roller?

by Mary Kay B.
(Buffalo, NY)

Hi Matthew!

I would love to start making my own lasagna noodles. I don't have a pasta roller machine yet but am considering buying one.

I have a Kitchen Aid high end mixer, but I hesitate to buy the pasta maker attachment if it is a waste of money.

Which one do you like the best and why?

I would like to spend no more than a couple of hundred dollars at the most.


(Love your site!)
Mary Kay.


Hi Mary and thanks for your question,

Firstly, I haven't used the KitchenAid pasta attachment myself. However, from what I read of the customer reviews on sites like Amazon, it's not the best solution out there. So for that reason alone it probably wouldn't be my first choice.

(Update: doh, one of my readers loves the KitchenAid pasta roller attachment - see here.)

According to's hundreds of pasta machine reviewers, the top-rated product is Imperia's manual roller SP150 machine. This is also the machine I use and I rate it highly. Best of all, it's well within your budget as it retails for just $70 - $80.

A couple of helpful pages you might like then...

I detail Amazon's Top 3 machines on this Best Pasta Maker page.

And you can read my full review of the SP150 (with quick video guide) on this Imperia pasta machine page.

I hope that's helpful Mary. Whichever machine you go for, enjoy your pasta making and buon appetito!


PS: If you do buy a pasta machine, please feel free to report back on how it fares... just pop a comment on the Best Pasta Maker page mentioned above. Thanks!

PPS: And on the subject of fresh pasta, you might also find my pasta cookbook of interest, as this features printable versions of my fresh pasta making guides and exclusive downloadable videos of the same.

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Dec 03, 2009
Great answer!
by: Andrew Ibbotson

Matt, you really know your stuff. Brilliant.

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