How to choose the best pasta maker for you

It’s a tough call to decide the best pasta maker to buy if you've never used one, so here is some considered advice on choosing the perfect machine for you.

These thoughts are based on my own pasta-making experience and the reviews of hundreds of pasta-loving Amazon customers.

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3 Best Pasta Makers

As rated by buyers on

1. Imperia Pasta Machine SP150

best pasta makerThis is not only Amazon's best-rated pasta roller but it's the machine I use myself (see my full Imperia pasta machine review).

This Italian beauty is the most widely sold pasta machine in the world, so it's arguably the best pasta maker to start you off on your delectable cooking adventure. Chrome plated and built from long-lasting steel, it includes fettuccine and spaghetti attachments and works an absolute treat.

Typical Amazon review comments:

- “When I was in Tuscany taking a class in pasta making this is the model they used, need I say more…”

- “I bought a cheap $25 version of this machine only to be disappointed. With the SP150 I was amazed at the difference.”

- “It’s the best machine out there. Very well built, sturdy and well worth the money.”

Read more SP150 reviews here and find the SP150 on Amazon US here (Amazon UK here).

Expect to pay: US $70-90.

2. Atlas Original Pasta Machine

There are various Marcato pasta makers available, but this is the most popular with Amazon buyers. Style and function-wise it’s virtually identical to the Imperia above, in that it's a steel-built manual pasta roller with a free long-pasta attachment.

Sturdy as heck and made in Italy, this will serve you well if you happen to find it for a better price than the Imperia.

Read my full Atlas pasta maker review.

best Marcato pasta makerTypical Amazon review comments…

- “This machine will last forever if you care for it and makes super fresh pasta."

- “Despite the jokes about Fiats and Italian machinery - this is world class.”

- “I purchased this after a terrible experience with Kitchenaid pasta attachments. Within an hour I had produced a lovely bowl of fresh spinach pasta. Bellisimo.”

- “It produces wonderful results and is sturdy enough to withstand my kids!”

Read more Amazon reviews here and find this machine on Amazon here.

Expect to pay: US $70-80.

3. Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

Amazon’s buyers have found this to be the best pasta maker for those on a tight budget.

best pasta machineAlthough not as heavily built as its pricier Imperia and Marcato competitors, this Prime model has received on averaged some good review ratings on It’s maybe not our first choice machine then, but if you really can’t stretch above $20, it’s arguably an okay starting point.

Read more about this pasta roller machine.

Typical Amazon review comments…

- “Works well for light-duty use.”

- “Easy to attach and easy to use, produces thick or thin noodles. We love it!”

- “This is not the best pasta maker ever, but it works.”

- “I was skeptical about a pasta machine at this price, but it's great.”

Read more Prime Pacific reviews here and find the Primer Pacific on Amazon US here.

Expect to pay: US $25-35.

Quick Tip: Once you've bought a machine, learn how to make dough with my Fresh Pasta Recipe Collection.

Which Pasta Machine Do You Use?

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I had a pasta machine from the 1960's which my Nonna used. I now have the Imperia SP150 and it has been used twice a week for the last few years …

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I use the KitchenAid pasta roller attachments ( here on Amazon ) and found that they beat the typical hand-rolled machines hands down. I actually …

Atlas Pasta Maker Bargain! 
I was so excited to find my Atlas pasta maker at a yard sale! I had been wanting one and was in the process of researching which one to get. My …

Just works as it should right out of the box. And as my Dad would always remind me 'you get what you pay for''.

Marcato Atlas 180mm 
I use the Marcato Atlas 180 mm which is wider 7" v.s most tradional models. I purchased mine from …

Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment 
Adding the Kitchen Aid Pasta Roller / Cutter allows me to concentrate on the dough - NOT the speed of my rolling the crank

Atlas Original pasta maker 
This Atlas machine was passed down by a frustrated pasta person. I refuse to be frustrated. I've experimented with pasta dough recipes and make …

Imperia Pasta Machine SP150 
This Imperia is worth the money for the build quality and attachments/parts available. I've used cheaper machines in the past, which have not lasted …

Loving the KitchenAid pasta maker attachment 
I love mixing pasta in the KitchenAid mixer and then attaching the roller to make lasagna, or using the fettuccini or spaghetti attachment. …

Norpro pasta maker - worked for me! 
I bought this one for price as I wasn't sure if I'd use it or not, and voila, made pasta last night first crack. Super easy. No complaints! I didn't …

The worst? Norpro pasta machine 
I teach pasta classes and I have a variety of machines: Norpro is the worst, followed by Al Dente. These are cheap machines, which is why I bought them …

Cucina Pro pasta machine review 
The Cucina Pro is a very good pasta machine - not an Imperia, but adequate. Expect to pay US $59.00 for the deluxe package with all the attachments. …

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Making egg-free pasta shapes? Avoid pasta shapes sticking together by using a pasta drying rack.

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