Best pasta machine dough recipe

by D

Hi Matt,

I've tried making fresh pasta once or twice using your recipes and loved the taste of the dishes it produced.

I am now thinking of getting the Imperia pasta maker, but wondered which type of pasta dough works best with this.

Do you recommend a particular pasta machine dough recipe? Or can I use any of those listed on your site?

Does it matter?



Answer: Hi D and thanks for your query.

Whilst I don't have or recommend a specific pasta machine dough recipe, I have run various forms of pasta dough through my own Imperia and what I've found is that fresh egg pasta is the least hassle.

That's because the eggy dough, when ready to roll, is slightly less moist than the non-egg semolina flour version, which means there's very little chance of it sticking in the machinery.

So I'd start with that dough version if I were you.

Hope that helps,


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