A bounty of baked pasta recipes

easy tagliatelle recipe

Italian pasta is a highly oven-friendly ingredient, as I hope these baked pasta recipes prove.

These tasty treats make particularly good family feasts during those chilly winter months and they hold their heat really well out of the oven. They're most often prepared by cooking the pasta and then coating it in a sumptuous pasta sauce. Buono!

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baked_pasta_recipes‘In the ring’ baked pasta recipe

Packed to the brim with tomato and ricotta-layered tagliatelle, succulent eggplant and, if you like, fried meatballs or meat sauce, this is one of my mamma-in-law Marisa’s finest culinary creations. It takes a little while, but the cooking steps are simple.

baked_rigatoni_pasta Baked rigatoni recipe

Introducing this site’s first béchamel sauce offering. Perhaps the creamiest of these baked recipes, this dish features moreish belly bacon, short and buttery rigatoni pasta, a naughty calorie-carrying milk-and-cheese béchamel sauce and just a hint of woody nutmeg.


Simple baked spaghetti

A staple meal of my wife's 'nonna' (grandma), this tomato-focused dish is a cinch to make. Chop the ingredients, fry the toms, cook the pasta and throw it all in the oven - and out comes a tomato-heavy mound of crispy-topped pasta that’s nothing fancy... just mightily moreish.


Baked turkey tagliatelle recipe

Perfect for using up leftover turkey after Christmas or thanksgiving, this baked tagliatelle recipe is a real creamy meat treat. (Don't have leftovers? Just fry up turkey from scratch - I explain how.)

penne pasta bake recipe

Penne pasta bake recipe

One for serious tomato lovers, featuring oven-roasted baked toms, tomato juice, oil-drizzled penne and oregano. It takes a little while, but most of that is cooking time - there's little prep to do.

spinach cannelloni recipe

Ricotta & spinach cannelloni recipe

An Italian staple that's a complete doddle to make, featuring creamy luscious ricotta, nutritious spinach and delish walnut-tinged bechamel sauce. This dish is kid-friendly to make too, so why not enlist a little helper?

easy stuffed pasta shells

Stuffed pasta shells recipe

This molten meaty treat stuffs large conchiglioni pasta shells with a creamy ricotta-packed bolognese sauce. This soft loveliness contrasts beautifully with the firmer texture of the pasta itself. You must try it!

nidi spaghetti nests

'Naught Nests' baked spaghetti recipe

Imagine noble nests of baked spaghetti with the crunch of breadcrumbs, the salty twang of olives and capers, and all capped by a molten peak of the finest soft Italian burrata cheese. Okay, now stop imagining and make it!

easy baked rigatoni recipe

'Down The Dairy Tube' - Baked rigatoni recipe with zucchini béchamel sauce

This delectable baked rigatoni recipe is little more than tube pasta that’s been smothered in a special version of béchamel sauce and baked. It's one heck of a creamy dish.


NO pasta eggplant parmegiana

Nope it shouldn't really be on this site, but this pasta-free eggplant (aubergine) and tomato treat is one of Italy's favourites and - it says here - very lasagna-like in texture. So I've made an intelligent exception and added it. It takes a long time, and it's calorific, but it tastes simply fantastic.

Extra recommendation: Fancy learning about all the different Italian wines you can enjoy with pasta? Then check out my friend Maria's Wine Regions of Italy guide, direct from the pages of her excellent Keep Wine Simple site.

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