4 P's bacon pasta


This bacon pasta recipe is ...pppperfect for Farmer's Market types who love a dish full of nutrituous freshness with a porky punch.

bacon pasta

Known as tagliatelle con funghi e piselli in Italian (or tagliarelle cu' e funge e pesielle in Neapolitan dialect, which my mamma-in-law loves to confuse me with), this pasta dish combines Pancetta belly bacon chunks with the textured munch of fresh Porchini mushrooms, tiny petit pois-style Peas and a hint of Parsley.

In short, 4 P's of ingredients = 1 scrummy plate of bacon pasta pleasure!

(I promise I'm done with the P talk now.)

Here's how you make it...

Serves 4


150g/5oz fresh porcini mushrooms (70g/2.5oz if dried/packet)

250g/9oz fresh/frozen petit pois (small sweet peas)

bacon pasta recipe3 tablespoons of parsley leaves

100g/3.5oz pancetta belly bacon chunks (or chop the thickest bacon you can find)

3 spring onions

400g/14oz tagliatelle/spaghetti/linguine pasta



Clove of garlic


STEP 1 - We start our preparation with the porcini mushrooms.

- If using dried shrooms, drop these to soak in a large bowl of luke warm water. If using fresh, wipe off any dirt with kitchen paper.

- Rinse the parsley leaves

- Finely chop the stalk of the spring onion (we won't be using the top leaves).

- If not using pancetta, take your normal bacon and chop into 1cm/half-inch little cubes.

STEP 2 - Now you'll need one deep cooking pan and a frying pan. We'll use them for different parts of this recipe.

- Cover the base of each with a light film of olive oil.

- Drop the garlic clove into the big pan and pop this on medium heat.

- When the clove starts to sizzle, add the bacon and chopped onions. Fry this on a medium heat (no spitting or smoking, that's too hot!) for around 5 mins until the onion softens. If you have a lid for your pan, cover it to reduce this time still further.

pasta with bacon

STEP 3 - With the onion softer, add the peas (no liquid from the can if using one), 100ml/3.5fl oz of hot water, a level teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon knob of butter.

- Now turn down the heat to low and simmer until the peas soften and shrivel up (around 10-15 minutes depending on whether your peas are fresh, canned or frozen.

- Stir occasionally and if it dries out just add in a little extra hot water.

pasta with bacon

STEP 4 - While that lot cooks, let's return to the frying pan.

- Pop it on a medium heat to get the oil warming. Immediately add in the mushrooms and tear in half the parsley leaves too plus a level teaspoon of salt.

- Cover if possible and fry, stirring regularly, for around 7-8 minutes - until the mushrooms cook and wilt.

- Then at the end turn off the heat and mix through the remaining parsley (keeping this bit a little leafier!).

pasta with bacon

STEP 5 - When both pans of ingredients are ready, mix them together and leave to one side while you cook the pasta.

STEP 6 - Boil your pasta in a big full pan of boiling, well-salted (handful) water.

- Cook as per the packet's timings (or until rises plus 2 mins if fresh), then drain.


To serve: nothing special except maybe garnishing with any remaining parsley leaves (this dish, in my opinion, looks great already thanks to all the colorful fresh goodness in there. By this stage showing off fancy looking food is the last thing on my mind... I just want to get munching!).

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