Atlas pasta machine's tagliolini comes out in pairs

by Bob
(Burbank, CA)

Hello Matt,

I just received an Atlas 150 pasta maker as a gift, and when I run the dough through the tagliolini cutters the strands come out stuck together in pairs.

I've tried several different dough consistencies and the results are the same.

Any suggestions?

Thoughts: Hey Bob.

Well normally my first response would be to suggest that maybe your dough is too moist, but it sounds like you've tried some variations.

I asked a Marcato representative (they make the Atlas), and she said that this could be, in your case, due to an effective machine.

Therefore, please just let me know the pasta machine's manufacturing date (printed under the base of your Atlas machine), and she can check this for you.

Thanks Bob.

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Atlas pasta comes out in pairs
by: Bob


I was able to contact Atlas's distributor in the US and am returning the cutter to them for service.

Thanks for your help.

Pairs -
by: Nonnie Muss

I've had the same problem, but I found that letting the dough rest for about 5-10 minutes AFTER rolling it to the desired thinness helps a lot. Good luck!

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