Atlas Pasta Machine With Motor

Italian company Marcato’s Atlas pasta machine with motor is effectively an automatic rolling version of the company’s popular ‘Atlas 150’.

atlas pasta machine with motor marcato pasta maker

The reason for adding a 100-watt motor is that some people prefer to feed in the fresh pasta with both hands (to ensure a consistent speed), and with a motor you are able to do this because the 6-inch wide rollers turn the handle, freezing up your second hand.

As with the manual version of this machine and most similar models on the market, a double long-pasta cutting attachment is supplied (for making 1.5mm tagliolini and 6mm fettuccine) plus additional attachments are available here.

There’s also a little recipe book in the Atlas’ box and the whole bundle is supported by a three-year Marcato warranty… although if this beauty is anything like its manual cousin it should last way longer than that as Marcato’s kit tends to be built to last and last.

This Atlas pasta machine features:

• 2 main nickel-plated rollers for flattening your dough (adjustable from .03mm - 2.5mm thickness)

• a 100-watt motor unit

• and a double-cutter attachment (for making 1.5mm tagliolini and 6mm fettuccine)

(Note: if you have the manual Atlas pasta maker you don’t need to buy this electric model. Instead you can upgrade yours by grabbing this separate motor unit from Amazon.)

Typical Amazon feedback:

- “My aunt has one she bought 20 years ago and it still works great. Just make sure you follow the recipe included with the machine. I will be buying more of these to give to our daughters."

Expect to pay: US $180-190.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT? First-time pasta makers or returning chefs who want to take away the strain of rolling to concentrate on consistency.

WHERE TO BUY IT: it is available on Amazon US here.

(If you’re a fan or want to spend $20 less, Imperia’s own motorised consumer machine is the V152, which is on Amazon here.

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