Atlas 150 pasta maker - can't remove the attachment!

by Frances Keefe
(Tarpon Springs, Florida)

Hi there. I just watched your Atlas past maker video review on YouTube, and found it to be very helpful.

I made my first batch of fettucine with this machine yesterday, and realize that it was definitely too soft/wet, but it still tasted delicious and I look forward to making more.

Here's my question though - I received the machine with the fettucine/spaghetti attachment already connected to the pasta maker, and I CANNOT remove it! It seems to be stuck and will not move at all.

Any suggestions for how to get it moving so that I can use a different attachment? At the moment, I don't have others, but I had planned to purchase some.

Thanks so much!


Answer: Hey Frances - that certainly is the first time I've heard of this problem!

A few questions first:

- Did you buy it new or used? (If used, maybe that's why they were selling it!)

- If new, where from? Did you take it back to the store?

Certainly my experience is that these attachments - both Atlas by Mercato and Imperia attachments - can be a little stuff to slot in and pull out.

Is the metal ridge bent or mis-shaped at all?

I'm loathed to suggest spraying in some lubricant oil, as that shouldn't go near a machine that is used for food prep.

Maybe you can answer the Q's above and if it was a new purchase, I can ask my contact at Marcato (makers of the Atlas 150). How about that?

Sorry I can't be more help - yet at least!


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Aug 16, 2013
Attachment stuck...
by: Frances Keefe

Hi Matt,

Well, as it turns out, it was the machine. I returned it to Amazon, and received a replacement, and the attachment on the new one slides off exactly as you've demonstrated! Don't know why it was stuck on the first one. I couldn't see anywhere that it was bent, etc.

But, problem solved, so I can now purchase another attachment and get back to making pasta! Thanks for your response.


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