How I became a true pasta freak... with my own website

“My name is Matt and I’m a pastaholic.” As addictions go, this one is definitely a good thing.

pasta_recipes_made_easy_Matt I’ve always been a serious pasta lover, but in my single days the closest I would get to creating an authentic Italian pasta dish would be boiling some fusilli and mixing it with a tin of tuna and pre-bought red pesto.

Don’t get me wrong – this was tasty, but it wasn’t particularly skilled or authentic. And it was only one dish…

One lucky break later…

A fantastic work trip changed all that. A printer conference on stunning Lake Como in Italy (yes that’s where Mr. George Clooney has a place) saw me bump into a wonderful Italian girl who later became my wife.

From that point on I was lucky enough to have a whole family of great Italian cooks to learn from: Laura, her mamma Marisa (both in the pic above with dad Gianni), and her brother Mauro… all of them bursting with pasta recipes, ideas and tips. Result!

Thankfully for me they are a patient bunch the Scorza family - essential considering my lack of expertise. You see I still don’t speak fluent Italian (I have my excuses for that, too numerous to mention here), so the pasta cooking lessons I’ve received to date have entailed a mix of:

• Laura’s on-the-fly translations

Pointing at inanimate objects

Speaking loudly and slowly (a very English approach to foreign conversation!)

• And of course, simply copying what Laura, Marisa or Mauro did.

But you know, this child-like approach worked a treat…

I’m still not the world’s best pasta chef… far from it. But I now have the confidence to attempt a range of Italian pasta dishes, pretty much knowing that they’ll taste delicious. That’s down to two things: my fantastically patient teachers; and the fact that I only attempt and learn recipes that are genuinely do-able.

If it’s complicated or involves much coherent thought, you can count me out. ‘Know thyself’ and all that…!

Why this website?

This evolution of mine, from kitchen novice to budding creator, has surprised me - never mind my friends and family - and it has also made me realise that if I, a regular guy from Yorkshire, can produce delicious Italian pasta treats, then these skills really are within reach of anyone with a pulse.

Whether you’re a long-time kitchen-avoider, on your way to college, looking to impress a date or whatever… the process of serving up wholesome, sumptuous pasta (and even making this pasta from scratch) is really not difficult, providing your teacher can explain things simply, without any preconceptions about your ‘skill level’.

I’ve tried to be that clear-speaking teacher on this site, and what's helping is that I was lucky enough to stumble across an excellent website building system called Solo Build It that helps my site attract hundreds of visitors each day and earn cash, without my needing any technical knowledge.

How this website?

Although I had no knowledge of website building when I started, I was lucky enough to find an e-business web system called Solo Build It, which is comprehensive yet easy to understand and learn.

(If you like the idea of turning your passion into a home-based business, you might find this 'how to develop a website with Solo Build It' page of interest.)

What's next?

So, I’ve gained – and continue to gain – more pasta knowledge. And I have a growing folder of what I reckon are great beginner-friendly pasta recipes. What next?

Well keeping on keeping on really, spreading the pastastic word. I'm also planning a couple of new websites for the near future. Here's hoping you'll follow me there too!


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