Just a quick note to say that you can now 'Have Your Say' at Pasta Recipes Made Easy.

In other words, you can not only read the recipes, tips and reviews on the site, but you can get involved - sharing your foodie knowledge with the rest of us!

(How many of us? Over 500 visitors per day and growing!)

This means...

• If you have an easy pasta recipe to share, or you want to comment on other readers' favorites, you can - quickly and easily.

• If you've tried the Imperia pasta machine I test on my site, or you rate a competing product far higher, you can tell other readers all about it - in two minutes flat!

Just click on the relevant page below, scroll down to its form, and bang in your thoughts for all to see! Once published, other people can then comment on your submission - sparking what I hope will be some juicy pasta-related discussion.

Your Recipes
Add a recipe or comment on those already published.

Imperia Pasta Machine: On Test
Have you used this popular roller? Do you prefer another make? Tell us all your Best Buy here.

I'll be adding more 'comment and discuss' pages in the coming weeks. Plus the next full Pastastic! newsletter will be along shortly.

Until then, ciao for now!

Matt - matt@pasta-recipes-made-easy.com

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