Hello there and welcome to the second Pastastic! e-newsletter, brought to you this month on World Pasta Day!

That's right, today is the day we celebrate the world's favourite flour and egg ingredient, without which no authentic Italian feast would be complete.

My celebratory upload is a cracking spinach lasagna recipe. This 3-cheese monster is a dairy-based delight (just please don't count the calories, it's simply too depressing!).

You'll notice new sections in this edition too, which I've added following several reader suggestions.

Let's get on then... I hope you enjoy reading this little lot as much as I enjoyed producing it!

Buon appetito!

Matt - matt@pasta-recipes-made-easy.com

"No man is lonely eating spaghetti; it requires so much attention" - Christopher Morley

Inside this issue:

New Additions

My very latest selection of mouth-watering pasta recipes, including this World Pasta Day's 'pure power' spinach lasagna recipe

Top Tip

Don’t enter the kitchen until you’ve read this!

Pastafact #2

This issue’s piece of telling trivia is testament to Italians' love of the succulent stuff

Reader Q&A

Ice-cold advice for a curious pasta cook

Recommended Site

A new web destination I think you'll love

Most Popular Pages: October

A quick-hit guide to my 'most-hit' pages

New Additions

First up this month is my World Pasta Day offering - a Popeye-style, blue-cheese-rockin' beauty of a spinach lasagna recipe. If you love your gorgonzola, ricotta, parmesan and veg, this one's for you. (Oh, and the super-healthy spinach of course makes up for all those calories, right? Erm...)

Second comes a funky, quick fish dish in the form of this easily do-able tuna and anchovy spaghetti recipe.

This student-friendly bowl-full takes just 20 minutes from start to finish, and you get not one brain-friendly fishy ‘hit’ but two. Nice.

If you have plenty of time to spare in which to cook up a unique eggplant feast then walk this way, for this BIG RING baked eggplant offering is for you. One of my mamma-in-law Marisa's most-recent tummy-fillers, this isn't quick but it sure is tasty.

This traditional Ligurian (North West Italian) pesto pasta recipe is great to look at and seriously scrummy to munch. Featuring home-made pesto, soft potato and contrasting crunchy green beans, it's quite simply one of the freshest pastas going. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Top Tip

If you are boiling a pan of pasta and it's pretty full, you can usually avoid it boiling over and soaking your hob just by laying a wooden spoon across the top of the pan. Try it - it's strange, but providing you haven't cranked your hob up to 10, it works!

Pastafact #2

Approximately 2.75 million tons of pasta is made in Italy each year, compared to just 1.9 million tons in the U.S of A. That's some serious catching up to be done...

Reader Q&A

I baked a lasagna earlier this week and froze it. I want to eat it for dinner tomorrow night. What is the best way to cook it? I know you say I should thaw it first, but in the fridge? On the counter? Also, when I cook it should it be covered, uncovered, or some combination of both? What do you recommend?

Thanks - Robin

Unless you live in a really hot place, I would defrost the lasagna by leaving it covered in cling-film (see-through plastic) on the kitchen surface throughout the day. (If it is hot where you live, just defrost it by popping it in the fridge instead.)

As for cooking it, just put your lasagna in an oven-proof dish, preheat your oven to 180C (350f) and heat your defrosted lasagna through for 5-10 minutes.

I hope that's helpful Robin. Enjoy!


Recommended Site

My friend Kim's Easy French Food site is a real gem. Packed with sumptuous dishes, it follows the same 'anyone can make this' approach as Pasta Recipes Made Easy, and to mouthwatering effect.

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Ciao for now and happy World Pasta Day!



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