pastastic MattI've something a little different for you this month - 5 video recipes that I hope will inspire you to try your hand at creating different European cuisines.

Which will you try first?

Matt -

PS: A full-length Pastastic chock-full of tasty new recipes and pages will be along in the next couple of weeks. Until then, buon appetito!

FRANCE: Croque Madame

croque madame

This wonderful French dish is actually a fancy-named cheese, ham and egg sandwich, which is fried (or I think you could probably toast it under the grill instead).

It's simple that's for sure, but it's also about as scrummy a lunch as exists on planet Earth.

Tip: As I discovered here where I live in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, you can also turn this dish into 'croque Hawaii' by simply adding a pineapple ring on top at the end (with maybe a cherry in the middle) for even more sumptuous flavor.

GERMANY: Chicken Schnitzel

chicken schnitzel

This typical German dish, presented by Australian Nicko, serves 2 chicken lovers and is a great one for relieving stress, as you use a rolling pin to really beat up on those breasts!

Nicko has a great laid-back recipe style - he takes it real slow, talking you through each step and peppering in some great extra tips for first-timers. You really can't go wrong.

Serve it up with salad or mashed potatoes.

Coming soon...

pasta recipe bookAfter almost a year in the works, Pastastic: The Official Recipe Book is creeping closer to launch.

This 120+ page digital ebook will be packed full of clearly explained pasta recipes (some of which are not even on the site), and will be a fully printable, shareable digest of dinner ideas that I hope you'll love.

Expect some great accompanying extras and an exclusive Pastastic! subscriber launch price. More soon...

ENGLAND: Fish n' chips

fish and chips recipe

Despite this vid's audio delivery being ever so slightly wooden, this is in my opinion the easiest to follow, most do-able fish and chips recipe on YouTube.

Meanwhile the beer batter gives you an interesting take on this recipe. Just don't forget to wrap your creation in grease-proof paper, with another layer of the day's tabloid newspaper, for that authentically English eating experience.

Serve with ketchup, brown sauce, mushy peas or just a sprinkling of salt.

ITALY: Chickpea Pasta Soup

chickpea pasta soup

One from my own collection - scrummy chickpea soup with broken spaghetti pieces.

This is hearty, simple meal is great for those colder days and is made all in one pot (saving on the washing up - nice!). I suggest using 3-colour (tricolore) spaghetti if you can track it down... it really gives this dish a fantastic look.

Serve with a mouth-filling chunk of crusty bread.

GREECE: Moussaka

greek moussaka recipe

Moussaka is a lasagna-esque dish made with layers of eggplant, ground meat (usually lamb), and a b├ęchamel sauce.

Here Eva shows us her slightly healthier take on this classic Greek dish, as she grills the eggplant rather than frying. She also substitutes lamb for beef, but you can use whichever you prefer or a mix of both.

Clear instructions and a friendly tone... what's not to like?


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