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Pastastic 29 - 5 BIG Festive Feeds
December 11, 2012

Welcome to Pastastic! - your regular (okay occasional) hit of pasta pleasure.

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In this edition: since Christmas is approaching, I'm guessing you might be needing to cook for a small army of relatives very soon.

So what better way to handle this BIG FEED than by whipping up a stonking Italian lasagna or two?

This edition's 5 Unique 'Lasagne' should delight your guests and make your taste buds sing. I hope you see one - at least - that you'll want to ry...

Enjoy and have a great Christmas!

Pastastic Matt -

"Steak's expensive, spaghetti's expansive" - Unknown

5 Unique Lasagne for BIG Festive Feeds

simple lasagna recipe

1. Simple lasagna with creamy ricotta (AKA Movin' On Up)

This dish is the quickest and easiest lasagna I've ever made. So it makes a perfect first-timer's recipe. It's rich, it's creamy, there's no meat to overcook (meaning its ingredients are also cheap), and it's ready to munch in around an hour (a third of which is cooking time!). It's truly simple by name, simple by nature.

veggie lasagna recipe

2. Stripey & Sweet: gourmet lasagna recipe

This taste-packed dish is great for impressing guests, whether vegetarian or carnivorous. With its colorful stripey looks and wonderful mix of spinach, mushroom, sweet potato and bechamel sauce, it is really quite unique.

easy beef lasagna meatballs

3. Balls of Beef lasagna

A cracking alternative to my wife's take-no-prisoners minced beef lasagna, this deluxe version features a sprinkling of tiny and super succulent meatballs. A sumptuous treat.

easy cheese lasagna

4. Beany Business: easy lasagna with borlotti and cheese

This fibre-packed dish is seriously scrummy and without a doubt my new favorite lasagna. Use borlotti or black beans and your choice of cheese to create a one-hour feast that's full of beany goodness and rich tomato taste. I reckon you'll love it.

spinach lasagna recipe

5. Stupidly simple spinach lasagna

If you’ve not made lasagna before, or you’re simply in a hungry-but-lazy place, try this spinach version. It's real easy to prep... just wilt the spinach, stir up some bechamel sauce, build the lasagna layers and stick it in the oven. Stress-free munchin'.

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5 Reader Questions

A mini-theme this issue, as we discuss pasta machines...

Are different brand pasta machine attachments interchangeable?

Pasta extruder talk: Imperia vs Atlas (and storing dry pasta)

Should both rollers turn whilst running the pasta through?

Making ravioli with the Atlas 150 attachment: how do I make the sheets wide enough?

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