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This edition: lip-smacking pasta carbonara that packs a fresh leafy punch, wonderful mac n' cheese variations and a no-spill spoon that I'd like some help tracking down.

On with the calories...

Buon appetito!

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"I don't like food that's too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted a picture I'd buy a painting!"
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Dish of the Day:
Rockin' The Rocket - Pasta Carbonara Recipe

easy pasta carbonara pasta recipe

I found this pasta carbonara version in a wonderful little Italian magazine called simply La Pasta (what could be better?). Of course being carbonara it's super eggy, which is where it gets its main flavor, but this version then dumps the usual bacon bits (i.e. see this traditional version) and instead goes the smooth aromatic route, adding cream to the sauce and fresh rocket leaves on top. The result is a truly sumptuous dish.

Spoony Sweetness

Are you an espresso drinker?

It's practically compulsory in Italy, but most of the time when I come to stir mine I slop the brown stuff over the side of the cup. The teaspoon is just too big for the cup!

Cue this ingenious version...

cool espresso spoon

Same size as usual, but thanks to its holey middle you don't get the annoying tablecloth decoration.

Anyone know where I can one? They really do work a treat.

5 Reader Questions

The latest pasta posers to be published (and answered) on my site:

Can I make the pasta dough tonight and cut tomorrow?

What's the difference between bucatini and rigate penne pasta?

Rusty pasta machine rollers

Using the Imperia pasta maker to make fresh lasagna sheets

Mac n' Cheese Variations

I recently discovered a seriously great website called, rather creatively, I am a food blog. On there I then discovered 2 or 3 excellent macaroni and cheese versions.

So if you're all about scoffing this simple melted dish, get your laughing gear around these...

Mac n Cheese Muffins

mac n cheese recipe

Truffle Mac n Cheese

mac n cheese recipe

And last but not least (slightly related)...

Rigatoni & Cheese

mac n cheese recipe

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