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This month I've teamed up with Chef Jeff to bring you his 200-recipe DinneRevolution cookbook completely for free.

This wonderful publication is choc full of simple dinner recipes that you can whip up in under 30 minutes, including some scrummy pasta meals.

Altogether now... thanks Jeff!

Also this issue: Facebook comments are go!, a new pesto winner, fava bean nutrition, my full review of the Atlas 150 pasta machine and much more...


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FREE DinneRevolution Cookbook!

fresh pasta dough cooking guideHere it is then... Chef Jeff's wonderful 200-recipe dinnner solution - DinneRevolution - just for you.

This wonderful offering includes pasta dishes, poultry, vegetarian, seafood, pork, beef and simple side plates too. All clearly written, simple to follow, and ready in just half an hour or so.

To download this and give your evening meals a professional boost, just right-click the cover image and choose 'Save target/link as...' to save this PDF book to your computer.

And to learn more about Chef Jeff, check out his website.

New Additions

fave bean and pasta soup

Fava (broad) bean and pasta soup

A dish full of hearty fresh veggie goodness that we whipped up after a gloriously expensively outing to a Swiss farmer's market. Don't miss the 'spice it up' comments from my Pastastic Facebook followers at the end of the page!

sun dried tomato pesto recipe

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Redux

This is the second sun-dried tomato pesto recipe to hit my site and it's by far the most unique version (the other is creamily delish though, so do try that too). Why does this recipe work so well? It's just such an interesting taste - toms, basil, plus rosemary and macadamia nuts. Just fling it all in your food processor, whiz and devour. Buono!

sun dried tomato pesto recipe

Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker review

If you have received Pastastic for any length of time, you probably know that I'm a huge fan of the Imperia pasta machine, which I use at home regularly.

This month however the kind folks at Marcato supplied me with my machine's main competitor - the Atlas 150 - so I could compare and contrast the two.

And you know what? I can't choose between them. This Marcato is a beauty!

Read all about it here.

Reader Pages

consumer pastaWe have three brand new reader-submitted pages this month.

Check these out:

Cherry tomato sauce with pasta

Restaurant review - La Vera Pizza, Santa Rosa

Lello 3000 Promaster review

Facebook feedback is go

Finally, after much technical head-scratching, Pasta Recipes Made Easy now features Facebook comment boxes on every page!

So if you've tried a recipe, just click through to it, scroll down and úse FB to have your say.

Facebook pasta recipes

It's interesting to see which pages are becoming the talk of the pasta town, such as:

Different Types of Pasta


Bolognese sauce

I hope you'll join the conversation! #smilinggeek

Reader Q&As

Click the blue links below to read the latest reader queries (and my responses). And feel free to add your own thoughts!

How to freeze baked lasagna

What is a good substitute for semolina flour?

Help! Fresh pasta dough is not cutting right.

Which is better - dried or fresh pici pasta?

Rich lasagna sauce left-overs

How to avoid slimy pasta

Why does my fresh pasta taste floury?

Which pasta maker should I buy to make all kinds of shapes?

Got a pasta question of your own? Ask it here.

Get Pastastic - The Recipe Book today!

pasta recipe bookIf you like the pasta recipes on my site, why not grab the digital cookbook to read offline and print my recipes when you need them?

This 125-page beast of a book (in instant download PDF format) is packed full of authentic Italian meals, including some exclusives that are not on the site, all explained in plain English using my fool-proof step-by-step guides.

In addition to versions of all my mamma-in-law's best pasta dishes, from bolognese to ragu, lasagna and many more, Pastastic - The Recipe Book also includes:

- 4 additional recipe ebooks

- my Lasagna 101 expert guide

- and... 2 series of exclusive downloadable videos (on how to make your own pasta and green pesto).

Grab your copy for just $7.95 here!

Site of the Month

And finally... some blatant self-promotion ;-)

I recently read the fantastic book A Year in Provence by British author Peter Mayle, which is a heart-warming chronicle of his experiences living in deepest rural France.

This inspired me to create a little blog about where we live in French-speaking Switzerland.

Swiss blog

While I certainly cannot claim it is Mayle-standard stuff, if you're into all things European you might, I hope, find my musings of interest.

The blog is called Going Neutral.


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