Greetings and welcome to Pastastic 22, in which a lovely chef called Catia is going to help us cook up some sumptuous and totally authentic Ligurian pasta dishes.

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In this exclusive masterclass, Catia Saletti of Trattoria dei Mosto will show us how to make two different variations of fresh pasta alongside a lip-smackingly creamy mushroom sauce.

So why waste time when we can start the Ligurian learning? Let's get going...

Pastastic Matt -

"Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai"
(years and glasses of wine should never be counted)
- Astrid Alauda

Ligurian Masterclass

fresh pasta dough cooking guide

1. Mandilli de Sea (fresh pasta variation)

When Catia gave me an hour of her time recently over the Easter break weekend, she started things off with a very Ligurian type of fresh pasta called 'Mandilli de Sea', which means silk hankerchiefs in Italian.

parsley pasta

These are made by whipping up some seriously eggy pasta dough, and then rolling fresh, flat parsley leaves inside this.

Then it's so simple - just chop it up, rough maltagliati-style, and serve with a nice tasty sauce.

Read the full Mandilli de Sea recipe

2. Creamy mushroom sauce

And the nice tasty sauce Catia chose for us to eat after the class with our mandilli was this simply scrumptious porcini mushroom sauce.

parsley pasta

Made with plenty of delicious scream, this velvety covering is done in 20 minutes and is well worth trying out. (If you can, do twin it with delectable fresh pasta for a restaurant-quality dish.)

Read the full mushroom pasta sauce recipe

3. Le Piccage (fresh pasta variation)

The second fresh pasta dough recipe Catia explained was 'Le Piccage', or apron-string pasta.

This is another dough made with eggs and fine plain flour, only with this version there is dried marjoram herbs inside the dough, and the final chopped shapes are flat thick noodles that are cut with a ravioli cutter or sharp knife.

parsley pasta

Serve Le Piccage with any light sauce (primavera veggies maybe, or an oily seafood covering).

Read the full Le Piccage recipe

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