Welcome to the 21st issue of Pastastic, in which I've refangled the design a little to help you get at the tasty new recipes quicker.

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The standout dish of this month? To my mind it's a green-sauced, creamy delight with fresh asparagus, parmesan and grated egg yolk. Veggie or not, you must try this one!

We've also 2 mighty mushroom meals below, so pop down to your local farmer's market and let's make 'em the best way - with 100% fresh ingredients.

Also inside this issue:

• Ricotta-enhanced sundried tomato pesto

• Tips on cooking with kids

• Curious reader Q&A's

• And a blog with a belly that I heartily recommend

Wishing you buon appetito and have a wonderful Easter break ;-)

Pastastic Matt - matt@pasta-recipes-made-easy.com

"Did you ever stop to taste a carrot? Not just eat it, but taste it? You can't taste the beauty and energy of the earth in a Twinkie
- Astrid Alauda

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New Additions

asparagus pasta recipe

Greeny cream asparagus pasta

This mix-and-match mongrel of a recipe originally hails from a restaurant in Venice, Italy, by way of Mamma Marisa's kitchen in Liguria, with a few final twists from my wife here in Switzerland. Think 'fresh green creamy dream' and you're half way there. (Note: asparagus are in season now, so make it super fresh while you can!)

sun dried tomato pesto recipe

Sundried tomato pesto recipe

Another product of the aforementioned Wade-Scorza Italian Cooking Labaratory, this fine red pesto is a highly textured yet equally creamy pasta covering that we've since made, frozen and eaten time and time again. Don't worry if you've never made pesto before... it's totally simple to whip up (you'll just need a food processor/blender).

mushroom ravioli pasta

Guest-impressing 'open' mushroom ravioli

This delicate little dish can be had as a main meal, but it also makes a splendid starter (followed by a main of roast pork for example). It takes a little while, thanks to the fresh green spinach pasta you'll make, but it's certainly worth the bother- especially if you've the time to hit your local farmer's market and grab some fresh wild mushrooms. You'll feel like a proper little chef after making this one - at least I did!

mushroom pasta

Wild n' soupy mushroom pasta recipe

Our second mushroom pasta dish of this issue is a soupy little contender that looks as hearty as you like - thanks to the addition of warm-colored saffron. It's also packed with varied textures thanks to its combo of fresh mushroom, cooked chickpeas and sturdier-than-normal buckwheat pasta. Plus you can drop in the dried herb(s) of your choice. Tasty stuff.


Guest Article: Cooking ideas for kids

Do you have little ones? And do you like the idea of infusing them with a love of all things foodie? Then don't miss this guest article by Debbie of kids-meal-ideas.com, who has some cunning strategies and tips to help the process go swimmingly (or as near to swimmingly as is realistically possible!).

about the mediterranean diet

Guest Article: All about the Mediterranean diet

Our second contributor this issue is Ana Maria Costa Vasconcellos of All-About-Italian-Food.com, who sets about exploring the Mediterranean diet and its associated health benefits. If you're looking for another reason to chow down on a big bowl of pasta tonight, you'll likely find it here.

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Reader Revelation

about the mediterranean diet

Fresh pasta feedback - tender and oh so delicious!

Susan from Jacksonville recently made her own fresh pasta from scratch for the very first time. Don't miss her thoughts on the experience, and of course the taste.

Blog Of The Month

about the mediterranean diet

Around Britain With A Paunch

Jonathan Brown, AKA 'browners', is a food-obsessed Brit and seemingly also one helluva cook. He started his site, Around Britain With A Paunch, to document what he ate during his many trips around the UK (trips that were fairly regularly influenced by Diana Henry's Gastropub Cookbook).

In recent times however Browners has upped sticks and moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, thus the plates he eats, reviews and often replicates at home are increasingly interesting Scandinavian creations (such as the fish parcel shown above).

And did I mention he has a very readable way with words (and a seriously food-focussed camera lens)? A quality corner of the internet.

Reader Q&As

It's been a busy few weeks in Pastaville, with lots of site visitors requesting pasta cooking answers.

Just hit the blue links below to read the queries and my answers.

Where to buy a garganelli comb?

Serving spaghetti squash to diabetics

Which wine to use when making bolognese sauce?

Help - my Marcato pasta maker has broken teeth!

Is it OK to rest fresh pasta for more than 30 minutes in the fridge?

Italian recipe with thin meat wrapped with string?

Something to add? Just add your comment at the end of the relevant question page.

Got a pasta question of your own? Ask it here.


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