Welcome to the (slightly overdue) first Pastastic newsletter of 2011.

Inside this issue:

• Scrummy new pasta recipes you must try

• New 'collection' pages (including scrumptious slow-mo ragu dishes)

• A plethora of reader questions, pages and cooking advice.

Here's wishing you some seriously 'buono' eating - enjoy!

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"Chi mangia solo crepa solo" - He who eats alone dies alone.

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New Additions

Homemade spaghetti sauce recipeMilk n' wine ragu sauce

This go-slow ragu recipe takes a full pork fillet and roasts it in milk and white wine. The result? A scrumptious pasta covering, and the best bet is - lovely soft meat (and a little sauce) leftover for your 'secondo piatto' (second course).

Pasta dough recipeBreadcrumb pasta dough

The alternate dough recipe creates a lovely tasteful and slightly sturdier pasta 'flesh' than normal. Hailing from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy (around Bologna), it is perfect for these colder winter months.

Homemade spaghetti sauce recipeBraciole and frappe ribbon cookies

This page is actually a pasta-free response to a reader question, but hey - they asked it so we answered it! You'll learn how to make stuffed beef braciole, Neapolitan style, followed by sweet Italian ribbon cookies. You'll need to be hungry... ;-)

pasta dough answersPasta dough Q&A

This brand new reader help page is designed to answer any pasta dough queries you might have - from getting your dough the right consistency to storing it, cutting it and even freezing it. If in doubt, just post your query and we'll try our very best to help.

easy Italian ragu recipesEasy ragu recipes

This slow-food inspired page brings together my site's slow-mo ragu recipes. As Mae West once put it, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing slow". This selection of delectable, bowl-licking pasta sauces sets out to prove it. Got a lazy Sunday free? Dig right in.

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Reader Q&As

The very latest visitor queries submitted to Pasta Recipes Made Easy.

I've answered these (click each link below to read the question and my response), but feel free to chip in too - just add a comment at the bottom of the question page.

Storing homemade pasta

How to make gluten-free pasta

How to make 'sacchetti'?

How do I make penne alla diavola?

Making different pasta flavors

What does oil do in pasta dough?

Reader Pages

The very latest visitor submissions, from mac and cheese to a great little Italian eatery in gay Paris!


Spaghetti noodles and cheese recipe

Pasta machine reviews

Unhappy Imperia user

A sticky situation

KitchenAid attachment kudos

Recommended Italian restaurant

Procopio Angelo, Paris, France

(Rave about your best Italian restaurant here)


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