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Post-Halloween Pasta Soup

When you carve this year's pumpkins, don't throw away the flesh. Instead get busy making this scrummy fall soup.

Pastastic Recipe Book for just $5!

I've dropped the price of my 125-page pasta cookbook to $5, for 48 hours, and I'm only telling you my Pastastic subscribers.

Pasta Peep

As cool as it gets... a tin whistle made not of metal but of, you guessed it, pasta baby!

New Additions

A monster-sized bunch of new pasta recipes (3 with video), plus a lasagna-specific Q&A and a new chili dish guide.


Quorn lasagna, spaghetti girth (!), ragu talk, ring macaroni and more.

Recommended Website

My new buddy Anthony sure knows his stuff about Italian food. Be sure to check out his 12-year old foodie creation.

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Post-Halloween Pumpkin Pasta Soup

halloween pumpkin soupA word of advice this October... when you're done carving those scary jack-o'-lantern faces, be sure not to throw away the leftover flesh.

Instead, why not serve up this super-scrummy, tummy-warming pumpkin pasta soup... it's highly nutritious and with its glowing orange in color it's really quite a special winter warmer.

Click to make this pumpkin pasta soup

(And you'll find even more Italian pasta soups here.)

Pastastic for just $5! (for 48 hours only)

pasta recipe book125 pages of simple and lip-smacking pasta recipes for just $5?

Yup, that's the offer this month, but this Pastastic VIP deal only lasts 48 hours (starting the hour this email was sent).

In addition to easy-print versions of all my best pasta dishes, Pastastic - The Recipe Book also includes some scrummy free bonuses including:

- 4 additional recipe ebooks

- my Lasagna 101 expert guide

- and... 2 series of exclusively downloadable videos (making fresh pasta and how to make pesto).

Click here to learn more!

Pasta Peep!

What tastes great and can be used to control a puppy?

Of course, it's a pasta whistle!

pasta whistle toy

How cool is this engineering innovation? This unique pasta piece by Israeli design fiends Leor-Lederman Industries, functions as a real whistle, capable of generating two different tones from one piece of hardened dough – a different tone from each respective end!

It's built using the same 'extrusion' technology as packet penne, only with two additional processes added: squashing to make its distinctive whistle shape, and cutting for channeling the airflow.

Can you buy this pasta? Sadly not (at least not at present). Can you ogle it with delight? Sure, that's kind of the point ;-)

New Additions

carbonara video recipeSpaghetti carbonara recipe VIDEO

If you haven't tried it before, carbonara (usually spaghetti carbonara) is a quick-hit pasta dish made with fried bacon chunks and runny egg sauce with parmesan cheese. As this video guide explains, it takes just 20 mins and is completely moreish.

simple baked pasta recipe'In The Ring' baked pasta VIDEO

Wow this video took some editing! With 10 steps and a couple of hours to this recipe, this dish is unlikely to become a weekly recipe choice that's for sure, but for special occasions or Italia-loving guests, it's well worth a look. A real creamy treat.

simple baked pasta recipeHow to make ravioli di melanzane (eggplant)

This recipe benefits from one of Italian cooking’s most gloriously mouth-watering ingredient combos… rich tomato sauce and soft-fried sweet eggplant bits (aubergine to us Europeans). I suggest using bright green spinach dough, as it looks the business!

easy pasta primavera sauce recipeCubist pasta primavera recipe

This primavera (or 'springtime') pasta dish is all about the veggies, meaning it not only looks super colorful but it's truly good for you too. The veg choice is up to you really; I start you off here with eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini and capsicums/peppers.

red pepper spaghetti dishBigoli in salsa (from Venice)

The last recipe remnant of our Italian summer travels, this traditional Venetian dish is effectively thick spaghetti in a slow-cooked onion sauce. It's a delicate, sweet, semi-caramelized kind of sauce - onion ragu almost - and utterly delicious.

red pepper pesto recipePea, ham and pasta VIDEO

Another new video recipe, and this time we're back to quick-hit scrummy pasta recipes that require hardly any brainpower at all. It's meaty (thick-cut ham), it's chunky, its sweet with little peas, and all in all it's a great Fall feed.

lasagna question and answer Q&AItalian Lasagna Recipes Q&A

After being live for over 2 years, my site receives a lot of traffic and therefore lots of pasta questions, half of which it turns out are about lasagna: freezing it, cooking it and the calories in it. Thus it deserves its own Q&A section. Got a question? Just hit the link above.

chili recipesFree n' easy chili recipes

I recently launched a section of my site which lists recipes by pasta type and by ingredient (it's here). This chili page is listed there as it features all the dishes on my site that use everyone's favorite mouth-warming pepper.


Here are just a few of the pasta queries posted and answered on this page during the past month.

Just click each link to read my response, and if you have anything further to add, please feel free to add your own comments!

Recipe for Quorn lasagna?

What pasta goes with ragu sauce?

Where to buy ring macaroni

Pasta thickness when using a KitchenAid pasta attachment

Freeze lasagna sauce only or the whole thing?

Imperia pasta machine motor question

Got your own pasta question? Ask it here.

Recommended Site

Spaghetti sauce and meatballs... is not only an Italian pasta classic. It's also the name of a wonderful foodie website that I'm sure you'll want to check out.

spaghetti sauce and meatballs

Produced and much-loved by its creator Anthony of North Carolina, SpaghettiSauceAndMeatballs has been online since 1998 and in that time has hosted well over 2 million visitors.

Anthony's site is packed choc-a-bloc tight with real-deal Italian recipes - from pasta dishes to garlic bread, frittata, a bunch of delectable sauces and much, much more.

As Anthony puts it on the site, 'Live Life, Eat Good, Make Friends' Can't argue with that, nor his passion - it's all good stuff.

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