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Thank you for your interest in my Pastastic recipe book affiliate program. If you are a website owner, blogger or publisher whose readers love food, recipes, or the country of Italy, I would love to work with you.

The product

Pastastic - The Recipe BookPastastic – The Recipe Book is a unique 125-page digital recipe book packed full of authentic, beginner-friendly Italian pasta recipes.

Pastastic is sold in downloadable PDF format and is supplied to buyers with a big bundle of FREE bonus extras, including: 4 additional recipe books, my Lasagna 101 quick-guide and 2 downloadable video series.

Make it your affiliate cookbook today!

Any selling/promotional tips?

My best advice is to grab a copy of Pastastic for yourself, read it, use it, and then speak to your readers from an honest, credible position of knowledge. The products I sell most of through my own site – such as this Imperia pasta machine – sell because I know them inside out and it shows.

You might also find one or more of Harvey Segal's excellent Clickbank guides useful (I use and recommend his 'Clickbank Affiliate Super Tips' title). Read more about these at his ClickBank forum.

How much will I make per sale?

For each sale of the ebook you will make 60% of Pastastic's US $10.95 selling price, minus fees (these are tiny) from our credit card processor ClickBank.

Why is this % so high?

Pastastic is a digital recipe book so I have low expenses. Therefore I can pass on a large proportion of profits to affiliates. This benefits you of course, making you more cash each time you sell a copy of Pastastic, but also me too – by helping to spread the Pastastic word!

Who pays me?

The Pastastic affiliate cookbook program is managed by ClickBank, which is the leader in online secure credit card processing for digital information products like ebooks. ClickBank is well-known and respected for being a reliable and professional third-party affiliate management company, so you will always be paid accurately and on time.

When do I get paid?

ClickBank sends payments twice per month. It also offers real-time stats, letting you check your commissions online quickly and easily.

Important cookie info

ClickBank keeps an accurate record of all your statistics through your affiliate link. They use "cookies" – which are stored harmlessly on a web user’s computer - to record visitor activity, meaning that you get credit for a Pastastic sale even if the person leaves the site and returns to make a purchase up to 90 days later.

How to create your Pastastic affiliate Link

1. If you're not already registered with Clickbank, sign-up for free here.

2. Become a Pastastic recipe book affiliate by creating your unique sales link. Simply replace the XXXX below with your ClickBank Account Nickname then use this link to promote Pastastic. Whenever someone clicks your link and buys the book, you'll receive 60% of the sale.

Useful selling tools

The video and cover images below should help you to promote Pastastic on your site, blog, YouTube channel etc.

Promotional video

Watch the Pastastic video below and if interested in using this on your site or YouTube channel etc. simply download it (right-click here for FLV format or here for MPEG4 format). Remember to make sure your accompanying video text includes your affiliate hyperlink (above)!

Book cover images

To use either of the pics below, right-click and copy or save the relevant picture onto your computer. Then use your HTML editor to add your affiliate hyperlink (above) to this image.

Small cover

Large cover

Any questions?

Please get in touch through the contact form of my website here. Thanks again for your interest.


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