2 questions about your meat lasagna recipe...

by Judy

Re: your meat lasagna recipe, I have 2 questions...

On step 2 - what do you mean "put a large glug of olive oil in the pan - (to cover half the bottom), along with 2 generously heaped tablespoons of the veg mixture".

When do I put in the rest of the veg mixture? Before or after the wine is poured in?

Also, will it make a difference if I don't include any red wine?


Hi Judy and thanks for your question.

In terms of the rest of the veg mixture, this is spare - it's not added later. In theory there shouldn't be too much left.

What is left I simply wrap in see-through 'clingfilm' wrapping and stick in the freezer for next time (either next time I make lasagna, or next time I make a meat pasta sauce of any description, such as bolognese sauce).

Re: the wine, you can make it without wine, sure. No worse nor better, just different. From what I've learned, I'd say the rules with Italian food are pretty flexible, so you wouldn't be committing a cardinal sin!

Note: On the topic of which wine, any red will do really. It's therefore great for finishing off any leftover bits. For example, if my wife and I don't finish a bottle before it turns a bit like vinegar, we keep it corked by the hob, then just use it for sauces. It might not be great to drink any more, but it'll work great in a sauce for at least a week or two.


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