100% soy flour pasta recipe?

Have you got a recipe for 100% soy flour pasta?

I am allergic to wheat, eggs and dairy so it would be nice to be able to make pasta with such flours as soy, chickpea, etc.




I'm afraid the short answer is 'not yet', but I've been asked this question again recently so I'm heading off on a mission to nail this one!

Try checking back on this page in a couple of weeks (and again intermittently) if you would, as when I learn how I'll post another comment here, okay?

And thanks for your question!


PS: Just a thought, if you're in a rush you could try replacing durum wheat flour with soy flour (available on Amazon US here) and giving this 'flour and water' dough recipe a whirl.

Let me know if it works, otherwise more soon... (I hope!).

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Soy flour recipe
by: Jennifer

120 g soy flour (I use the full fat variety)

80-85 g gluten

2 tsp salt

2 large eggs

2 tsp oil

2 tbsp warm water

You may want to give this a whirl and see if it's up to snuff!

Response: thanks so much for that Jennifer! - Matt (Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

watch out gluten!!!!
by: Pierre

Dear Jennifer and Matt - gluten is teh protein from wheat so I hope Matt has not had any serious reactions!!!!!!

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